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Trådløs mikrofon med Belt Pack og Knaphulsmikr.
Trådløs mikrofon med Belt Pack og Knaphulsmikr.
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The WS1000, 160CHN true diversity wireless system is an advanced version of the popular WS100 series. The new design is extremely well laid out and informs you at a glance of all the important data. Selected components within the devices ensure a clear and reliable transmission. The battery life has been greatly improved. The WS1000 will be available in UHF bands of 838 MHz to 865 MHz. With its new "free channel scan" function the WS1000 makes it easy to find free frequencies and avoid interferences.

Belt pack for guitar, lavaliere and headset microphones with 3-pin mini XLR
Convenient handling and channel setting via ASC infrared frequency scanning
LCD display of channel, group and battery status
3 level settings for guitar and microphone operation
2 AA batteries for up to 9 hours of operation

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